How Do Promoted Tweets Work?


Promoted Tweets generate three, five, even 10 times more engagements from your target audience who may or may not follow your brand.

What are promoted tweets?

Promoted Tweets are constructed the same way as conventional Tweets. Advertisers purchase them with the intent of reaching a larger group of Twitter users that may not be directly engaged with their brand.  These paid Tweet advertisements are labeled as “promoted” near the bottom of the body of the Tweet. Other than the slight difference in appearance, they act as regular Tweets appearing at the top of the user’s timeline and allow the same types of engagements.

How do I reach my brand influencers?

Promoted Tweets use customizable systems to reach the types of users your brand needs to drive awareness.  The Tweet can be engineered to reach users based on location, gender, keyword targeting, interests, or even their specific device being used to read the Tweet.

How and when should I use them?

Promoted Tweets should be used with the ultimate goal of reaching more people who are interested in your business.  This technique results in raised awareness for products and ensures connection to your brand’s influencers.

Promoted Tweets can also be used to drive a certain action using social media.  Brands use promoted Tweets to drive website traffic, offer coupons and deals, or promote giveaways and sales.

How do I know what I’m paying for?

The efficiency of the promoted Tweets method lies in the bidding system.  You bid a given amount that you are willing to pay per engagement, and the bid helps decide where and when the Tweet shows up on users’ timelines. Twitter will only charge you for the engagements that your Tweet generates. For example, organic impressions gained from the Tweet – the post showing up on a Twitter user’s timeline – will not count as an engagement.  Depending on your bid, engagement costs range from $0.20-$4.00 per engagement. Engagement costs are assessed only when the Tweet is retweeted, favorited, or if the link inside the Tweet is accessed.

Twitter allows you to set a time period, total budget, and a daily budget to assist with proper allocation of funds for your campaign and to ensure maximum efficiency.  The owner of the promoted Tweet can even specify how the budget will be spent; spread the budget evenly over the day, or spend the daily amount as quickly as possible.

Twitter’s “Campaign Dashboard” provides a comprehensive view of the engagements, impressions created, and how the budget will be applied.

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