Celebrity Marketing: What Companies Need to Know About Social Media


Social media can be a great marketing tool for companies, but if done incorrectly it can just be a waste of time or actually hurt your brand.

Benefits for companies on social media include:

  1. It is free!
  2. Increased brand recognition
  3. Increases business
  4. Makes your brand more favorable for consumers

Companies can learn a lot from a celebrity’s presence on social media. In a way celebrities are a lot like brands on different social media platforms. While brands want to reach their consumers to have them buy product, celebrities are trying to expand their fan base by letting fans know what they are up to so they can go see their latest movie or buy tickets to the concert.

Change up the content: Social media posts do not have to be all about promoting your brand. No one is going to follow your company if all the content is advertisements. Companies need to keep it interesting. Companies such as Ford posted pictures of some of the first models of Fords for Instagram’s  “Throw Back Thursday”. Companies can also participate in other fun national holiday events that many social media sites celebrate such as “dessert day” or “cat day”.

Interact with your followers: Responding to consumer’s comments or complaints on social media platforms shows that you care and value their business. Consumers are more than likely to have positive feelings towards your brand and buy again.

Offer giveaways or discounts: Give consumers a reason to follow you. People are more likely to follow you if you reward them.

Treat each social media platform differently: Do not post the same thing on all social media platforms. Not only will people be bored but each social media platform is different and you must learn how to post content specifically for that platform. Make sure you know how each social media platform works such as  Snapchat,  YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, You Now, and Instagram.

Stay relevant: It is crucial to see and pay attention to what social media sites celebrities and other popular social media influencers are using and how they interact with each platform. You can learn a lot from them because they have the most followers and often start the trends.

Cross promote: Inform your consumers that you have different social media platforms.

photo credit: https://www.flickr.com


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