Celebrity Marketing on Snapchat


Snapchat continues to grow its users, which means brands should no longer ignore this social media platform.

Snapchat is well-known for its short-lived messages and highly visual, constantly evolving interface. Extras such as filters, emojis and drawing tools add a creative element to typical messaging, injecting fun into social sharing. As a result, this innovative slant has helped to lure teens and tweens to its platform.

Despite a major setback after going public, reports indicate that Snapchat’s user engagement continues to increase, specifically amongst users between the ages of 12-17 and 18-24. In addition, the ever-growing popularity of the app makes it the perfect place for creative marketing, especially with celebrities.

Below are a few ways Snapchat can utilize celebrity marketing to increase its young following and help brands.

Celebrity Promotion

Brands can benefit from Snapchat’s platform by giving their account to a celebrity for promotion. Celebrity “takeovers” often occur during photo shoots, events or product launches, and can help drive the celebrity’s followers to the brand’s Snapchat account. For example, Cinnabon featured two popular Snapchat creators, Danny Berk and Evan Garber, on its Snapchat account to create buzz around its 30th birthday. Because of the duos takeover, Cinnabon gained 2,000 Snapchat followers within just a couple days.

Product Placement

Snapchat can combine the power of celebrities with the power of product placement. Product placement on Snapchat allows brands the opportunity to reach a larger audience. For example, Yoplait released tweets using #yoplaitinthekitchen to multiple celebrities, including actress Ashley Benson, influencer Branden Harvey and actor Josh Peck, challenging them to make something on Snapchat using their product. Anyone following these celebrities on Snapchat were able to see the product, while simultaneously, Yoplait had the opportunity to attract the attention of potential customers.

Exclusive Content

Many brands are using the short-lived nature of Snapchat to reveal exclusive content to its followers. Adidas launched its own Snapchat account, using Pharrell as he revealed his new collection with the brand. The content was published solely on Snapchat in real-time, encouraging fans to follow the new account immediately. This tactic creates a sense of urgency, compelling people to view the exclusive content before it disappears in a matter of hours and becomes public knowledge on other social platforms.

The growth of Snapchat illustrates how important it is becoming for marketing. Celebrity marketing on Snapchat can lead to successful promotions, product placement, contests or exclusive content, while also engaging Snapchat’s young demographic.

photo credit: Google images


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