How to Advertise to Gen-Z with Influencer and Celebrity Marketing

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Reaching Generation Z takes a particular combination of medium, platform and influencer.

As a younger generation starts to come of age, marketers are trying to find the best ways to target them. Teens and early 20 year olds, like all generations, have their own channels and people of influence. Marketing professionals need to take a focused and unique approach.

With this generation spanning a pivotal age for brand marketing efforts, it’s important to know the optimal way to earn attention and interest.

Marketers must closely consider the way that Gen-Z consumes media. Video is increasingly a preferred way for news, information and other messages. Gen-Z is growing up in a video-driven consumption environment and familiar with and receptive to receiving content in this way. Something visually appealing is necessary to grab Gen-Z’s attention in a media cluttered environment.

The non-profit brand Truth, which aims to end teen smoking, did an innovative video and social campaign using YouTube influencers. The brand had ten influencers co-create and share a song and music video on their social channels. Truth was able to reach Gen-Z with people they listen to in places they go to listen.

It’s vital to recognize where Gen-Z gets media from. Platforms that provide captivating images and video that Gen-Z likes include Instagram and Snapchat. This generation is drawn to mediums that have visual communication at the core of their function.

Artist, storyteller, and Shorty Awards Nominee for Snapchatter of the Year, Mike Platco has been used by many brands for “Snapchat Takeovers.” T-Mobile, Freeform (ABC Family), and Major League Soccer have all relied on him to increase their following.

Gen-Z has grown up surrounded by ads and has become desensitized to many of them. Influencers work great especially with Gen-Z for this reason. It’s a more genuine and authentic approach that catches their attention. They have their own influencer celebrities they look up to that resonate with their generation that can be used by brands to get noticed.

One of these people is Kendall Jenner. She has captivated Gen-Z with her fascinating lifestyle and is followed by millions. Multiple brands have used her to access the hard to reach Gen-Z. In order to compete within the competitive sportswear industry, Adidas has shifted their focus to creating fashionable lifestyle active wear. They’ve used Kendall Jenner to launch them into this space. Her Brand Ambassadorship was announced on her Instagram page–one of the Platforms where Gen-Z flocks to most.

Marketers can easily make an impact on Gen-Z, so long as they consider the how, where and who regarding their media consumption.

photo credit: Abhijit Bhaduri via flickr


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