Using Landmarks to Personalize Celebrity Marketing

Gabriel Peter (pexels)

Integrating real-world activations into a celebrity marketing campaign can greatly increase engagement, publicity, and exposure.

Sometimes social media marketing can become kind of stale.

Trends come and go and endorsements remain the same still photo related content. So rather than follow the same formula, why not step outside for inspiration?

Beyond the fleeting trends of social media and meme culture there is an underlying truth that exists, users react the most to content they can relate to. Brands that have understood this phenomenon have become the faces of innovation in the industry and have gained exposure for their efforts.

Consumers desire marketing that relates directly to their daily lives, not the traditional glamorous posts that put celebrities out of their reach. What better way is there to fill this desire than to evolve your social media strategies to include the real world outside the studio?

By producing content that includes features like landmarks, scavenger hunts, or pop up shops, marketers can shape their brand’s relatability with consumers who come to associate the product with their daily commutes, favorite locations, or go-to restaurant. This more in-depth level of recognition not only increases engagement on social platforms, but binds consumers to the brand’s message.

Shaquille O’Neal is a great example of this strategy. He was the king of “scavenger hunt” Twitter culture a few years back. He became famous for his tweets that hinted at the location of a giveaway item or where he would appear at a certain point in the day. It sent fans and media into a frenzy that would draw large crowds at each location.

LG is another example of a company who integrated landmarks and icons into their marketing strategy. In 2012, LG began marketing their new line of smartphones by putting free samples in secret locations and tweeting clues on their specialized page. The events greatly increased fan engagement, became a trending topic online and were included in the local media in New York and London for days afterwards.

The purpose of celebrity marketing is to utilize influencers to become an extension of your brand’s personality and reach their fan demographics. Changing up your social media content with immersion can do wonders for a stagnating brand message and even encourage more celebrities to contribute to the newfound culture of consumer relatability.

photo credit: Gabriel Peter via


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