How Pop-Up Shops Can Supplement Celebrity Marketing

glorife (pixabay)

Building buzz with quick events can significantly increase the effectiveness of traditional marketing partnerships.

Over the past few years, brands have decided to experiment with their budgets on newer ways to reach consumers than the traditional media channels. The concept of pop-up shops has inspired a new wave of experimental marketing that has produced promising trends.

A pop-up shop is a temporary branded store or location that can serve any function that the marketer desires. Some choose to simply hand out a product, others decide to use it to give customers one-of-a-kind experiences.

For example, in August of 2017 Amazon set up a pop-up shop in the heart of London named the “Home of Black Friday,” which showcased massive deals and featured brand themed decor. It generated a lot of press from international outlets and helped expand Amazon’s overseas presence in Europe.

Pop-up marketing is so valuable because it has no limits. Brands from tourism to fashion can utilize the medium to create buzz. It is a great way to accomplish guerrilla marketing tactics without the limitations of long term real estate.

More importantly, this type of activation is the perfect pairing for a celebrity influencer partnership. Through the combination of promotion on social media and in person, a pop-up shop can reach vast new audiences and personalize the customer’s experience to build rapport.

In my time at Burns Entertainment, we have overseen several deals that included celebrities and pop-up shops.

The launch of LG QuadWash in 2017 had a pop-up shop and an appearance from Rachel Zoe and her husband Rod Berman. Rather than simply gaining exposure from a launch with corporate executives, the press got to document an influencer couple showing how valuable the product can be to its intended audience.

Another shop we organized was the St. Ives Mixing Bar in New York city’s Soho neighborhood. The shop gave customers the opportunity to customize skin care product to their individual needs and also the chance to meet Lili Reinhart from the hit show Riverdale.

Pop-up marketing is a great way to diversify your brand’s message and interact with your customer base. It can either be your go-to tactic or a last-minute option to solve a problem. Pairing them with celebrity influencers provides a low-cost alternative to a syndicated commercial partnership and can accomplish goals quickly. The possibilities are endless with pop-up shops and they will only continue to evolve over the coming years.

photo credit: glorife via (pixabay)


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