Email Marketing & The Power of The Celebrity

email marketingTrends come and go, but one thing is for sure—email is never going away.

By the end of 2020, there will be an estimated 255 million e-mail users in the U.S. alone. So, it’s time for mailers to incorporate celebrity endorsement marketing into emails. Doing so will make your email standout, because a recognizable face is sure to turn heads.

Email marketing can go one of two ways –1.) The content is irrelevant to customer’s life, they become annoyed and will likely unsubscribe or 2.) The content interests the customer enough that they are now reaching for their wallet or maybe forwarding the email to others. If the latter holds true, then cha ching we’re in business.

By implementing celebrity direct marketing into your email strategy, the open and click rate as well as number of purchases will likely soar. The celebrity makes otherwise “irrelevant content” relevant to consumers. A celebrity endorsement allows consumers to identify with the product or brand since it is now linked to a familiar face.

Persistence is crucial with email marketing. Since you are trying to create brand-recognition it is important that your brand is in as many inboxes as possible on a very regular basis. This way, a customer knows that every time they peak into their inbox, there will be something new from your company—wanted or unwanted.

Whether the customer chooses to ignore or act on that email is not the important takeaway here. It’s that your brand is in the forefront of their mind every time that customer thinks, “time to check my email”.

When a celebrity offers his or her name to a marketing campaign it is mutually beneficial. Lending one’s name to a nonprofit or other organization shows that the celebrity serves a higher purpose. Brand purpose is also well-received when aligned with a celebrity name or face.

It is your responsibility as the brand to bring immense value to the consumer through relevant content and of course, persistence. The smartest way to deliver value in such large quantities is through automated emails. If you aren’t already on board with automated emails, you need to get there—FAST! Email programs generate at least half of a company’s email marketing revenue. Tread lightly, the content should be organic and non-repetitive.

With increased value, comes increased trust. Implementing more personalized information into your email program makes the consumer feel wanted. It can be as simple as addressing the consumer by name, adding a signature line at the end or best of all a celebrity endorsement.

Photo credit: pixabay




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