About Me


I have been an agent for the celebrity buyer, representing brands in the United States and globally. Since 1993, I’ve emotionally connected brands with consumers through entertainment, sports and music.

I am a recognized celebrity marketing expert and author of The Brand Agent, a celebrity marketing blog for CMO’s and brand marketers.

Growing up in Evanston, Illinois, I was the son of a true PR pioneer. My Mother raised us in a world of celebrities, brand advertising and creativity. My passion from an early age was always sports. I was sure my golf scholarship to Northwestern University would cross roads directly with the PGA tour, but as fate would have it, I was headed to the consumer product PR world I knew so well.

After seven years in public relations, I saw an opportunity with Burns Sports Celebrity Service (Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing today) whose business seemed to fascinate me as we collaborated together on more and more projects. Burns, a sports celebrity marketing agency at the time, was this wonderful combination of all my interests and it became clear that was where I wanted to be. Twelve months and countless attempts later resulted in David Burns selling the company to me.

Hiring young, talented people who are passionate about entertainment, sports and music and mentoring them to exceed a client’s expectations in an entrepreneurial, team orientated environment has been my recipe for success.

Today, I happily lead as CEO for a global agency with a team of wickedly talented executives and a clientele that consists of Fortune 500 companies and top of line agencies that we consider “family”.

If you have specific questions beyond what I am addressing here, just email me.  I am  always glad to share what I know.

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