Celebrity Marketing Workshop


How A Celebrity Can Help Build Your Brand Quickly

Celebrities  and music licensing provide a powerful third party endorsement that takes full advantage of consumers’ obsession with the stars they follow and idolize.

But, celebrity driven campaigns have mixed results historically.  Some are  incredibly effective while others fail.

Celebrity campaigns succeed when executed within the framework of a proven method which exceed objectives. Marketers get in trouble with celebrities when they are unaware of what they should be doing or skip key aspects of a celebrity marketing campaign.

It Begins With a Celebrity Marketing Workshop

I have created a method for executing a successful celebrity marketing campaign that I have refined and perfected over hundreds of campaigns. The Burns Method.

This is the secret sauce that you will learn from my comprehensive workshop.

This one-day workshop is designed to give brand marketers the tools they need to confidently lead and manage a celebrity marketing campaign.

The morning removes the mystery as to why celebrity endorsements and music licensing work and why they fail. I pull back the curtain and reveal the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. We look at tangible things you can do to protect your celebrity investment and eliminate potential risks.

After lunch, the afternoon is spent on strategies for selecting the right celebrity and/or music that will accomplish your marketing objectives.

You’ll learn how to craft an offer letter that will get a “yes” and contain all the services your campaign needs.

I’ll also share strategies so you lead the negotiation even if you are working against a seasoned, experienced celebrity agent.

We’ll focus on ways to maximize a celebrity marketing campaign using an integrated agency team model.

Brand Benefits:

  • Build awareness faster than traditional advertising
  • New product introductions which cut through the communication clutter
  • Turn around a declining brand quickly
  • Jump start a mature brand growing market share
  • Category leaders expand and protect their position
  • Brand repositioning or relaunch
  • Create a much stronger connection with consumers in a cost effective manner
  • A greater level of emotional engagement
  • Accelerate consumer purchasing decisions
  • Brand fame increased in a short period of time
  • Exploit a marketing advantage over your competition

90 Days of Celebrity Marketing Consultation  

If desired, I am available to coach you through the entire process, offer advice for your celebrity marketing campaign and coordinate with your lead agency.

My consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of current celebrity opportunities vs. category competitors
  • Evaluate your celebrity choices and provide additional options
  • Personally train you and your team on the entire process
  • Unlimited consultation via Skype and Go-to meeting, by phone and email
  • Assist in acquiring your chosen celebrity and suggest a negotiation advisor
  • Training and tutorials for the various tools which support celebrity marketing
  • Critique celebrity offer letter and give advice as to closing the deal quickly
  • Provide guidance for obtaining all services, approvals and usages needed
  • Share what you need to get from the celebrity at a shoot and PR events
  • Help obtain extra benefits you did not pay for in the celebrity contract

Celebrity Marketing and/or Music Implementation 

Another option is for me to create and implement a celebrity marketing campaign on your behalf.

I and my team of celebrity marketing specialists use the Burns Method to create and execute a celebrity marketing campaign for you. My team becomes YOUR team implementing every step.

The Main Brand Benefits:

  • Senior celebrity marketing executives leading your campaign
  • Faster implementation
  • Significant cost savings from fair market value knowledge and economies of scale
  • Avoid pitfalls which derail campaigns
  • Eliminating time and frustration
  • Unlimited access to Burns Celebrity Vault
  • Latest consumer metrics confirming the celebrity choice and reducing risk
  • In-house legal team of experts who specialize in celebrity marketing contracts and negotiation
  • A group of celebrity marketing specialists with a very narrow focus of expertise

To learn more, please email me to set a time to discuss or call 224.420.7502.


Testimonials of working with Bob and Burns

In terms of working with Burns – the one thing that’s been clear over the last seven plus years is their unbelievable commitment and dedication to our business.”  – Rob Master, Vice-President, Media Americas and Europe, Unilever

“I have to admit I used to think that advertising and PR agencies could handle all of our needs. And I’ve come to realize that’s just not the case. When you work with Burns they bring things to you that other agencies aren’t able to do.” – Kathy O’Brien, Vice-President Marketing, Unilever

“They’re incredibly professional, they understand the negotiation, and are actually fun to work with. We had our number one person well under way when at the last minute that person had some controversial stuff in the press that caused us to walk away from using them in our campaign. And obviously that put us in a difficult situation, running out of time, shoot dates around the corner. But Burns was great! They helped us very quickly identify new people we could go after and we ended up with an even better celebrity for our campaign.” – Sarah Hunt, Dr. Pepper Advertising Manager

“I really think it just comes down to what is your level of expertise. I think with the PR firm or an ad agency it’s not a full time thing they do. Burns are really experts. This is what they do 24/7 everyday. I find comfort in that. I like using a specialist because you’re going to get better results.”-Dave Linne, Senior VP of Content Creation, Conagra Foods

“Burns understands the business based on their experience. They’ve been in the business over 40 years.They sign more contracts than anyone in the business. Anybody can sign talent. We can actually call and sign our own talent. But the question is are you calling the right people? Are you getting the best price? Are you asking for the right things? Do you have the negotiation leverage that a company like Burns has? One of the key things that I’ve appreciated was the ability to add in certain things from social media, to appearances to working with other products the talent might be associated with and being able to get different things adding more value.” – Jason Genthner, Dr. Pepper Manager, Brand PR

“Burns Entertainment successfully delivered top-level talent for my team in a major way. Being able to work through a global launch on tight timelines and with multiple international team members was an impressive feat and I highly recommend them for celebrity and music negotiations. I highly value the partnership we have formed.”-Andrei Gemeneanu, Vice-President, Hair Europe, Unilever

“BURNS has delivered three global talents which (i) had strong fit with the brand; (ii) were signed at highly opportune times; and they did so in a manner of utmost professionalism and acumen. The ways-of-working at Burns reflect the very principles which the Clear brand values and espouses INITIATIVE and PROACTIVENESS, ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE, NO B.S. ENGAGEMENT and A PASSION to SIMPLY DELIVER…I have personally always felt the team was sincerely on the brand team’s side in securing the best deal possible in the interest of the brand team.” -Seokhee Won, Global Vice-President Clear, Unilever


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