Celebrity Vault

The BURNS CELEBRITY VAULT was the first ever celebrity database in the world. My agency has over 44 years of experience developing quantitative and qualitative information on 25,000 celebrities across 1,200 lifestyle demographics.


Celebrity Vault Benefits

  • Comprehensive state-of the-art database housing information on over 25,000 celebrities
  • A much faster and better selective process to match your brand with just the right celebrity
  • More celebrity choices that can fit a narrowly defined marketing strategy
  • Celebrities segmented by over 1,200 different lifestyle types, with database information such as a celebrity’s charitable ties, interests, hobbies, health conditions, etc.
  • A larger pool of realistic celebrity options to fit your budget range
  • A method that will help to vet celebrities quickly for things such as category conflict, cost, lifestyle, how difficult they are to work with, etc.
  • Background checks for such things as criminal activity, allegations, arrests, etc.
  • Helps to establish a fair market value for celebrity contract negotiations
  • Helpful information on celebrity agents, managers, publicist, etc. to close endorsement deals quickly
  • A higher probability of reaching a contract agreement

If you have interest in the celebrity vault and would like to schedule a call, just email me at Bob.Williams@burnsent.com.