Pick My Brain


For those in need of help beyond the FREE stuff on this blog, I have added “Pick My Brain” to my consulting services.

My success rate with the Burns Method has helped grow brands in almost every vertical. It’s gratifying to have CMOs and marketing executives seek me out. I really enjoy sharing celebrity marketing advice with brands of all sizes. 

How it works: I’ll work with you to create an agenda and set-up a time to discuss your challenges either by phone or video conferencing. I provide my knowledge and expertise to answer your questions, offer my assessment and advice for a fee of $250 for a one hour session.

To get the ball rolling: Simply email me your request. I will follow up, usually within a day, to set a day/time and agenda for the conference. A few days prior to this event, you’ll receive an invoice for payment.

My email address: Bob.Williams@burnsent.com

I look forward to sharing my celebrity marketing knowledge and expertise with you.

“Bob Williams is a rare find in the sports and entertainment business. His opinions are always based on a wealth of knowledge and experience.” – Sam Walker, Wall Street Journal

“If there is someone more well versed in the current state of sports marketing and sports endorsements than Bob Williams please let me know. I certainly haven’t found that person or company yet.” – Darren Rovell, ESPN

“Bob Williams never disappoints. If I need a salient comment from an industry expert on the value of endorsements or analysis of the impact of a celebrity performance, or the endorsement potential, I know I can depend upon Bob Williams.” – Richard Sandomir, New York Times


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