Unique Celebrity Marketing and Gifting Opportunities at Cannes


If you’re looking for the right combination of celebrity and luxury, look no further than Cannes.

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous film festivals in the world, bringing in the most influential celebrities in the film industry and gaining an incredible amount of media exposure. While access for celebrities may be invitation-only, brands have a unique opportunity to be a part of the event and reach a wide audience with little effort. If your brand is looking for a way to start using celebrity marketing, the Cannes Film Festival may be the place, and here’s why.

It gets your brand into the hands of celebrities – and everyone else. At events like the Cannes Film Festival, attendees receive any type of merchandise or service from vacations to luxury goods. When gifting your product at the festival, your brand has the opportunity to be picked up by a celebrity in an environment packed with media. When photos are taken of celebrities with your product, these photos can be used in magazines, online promotions, blogs and social media. This type of product placement feels authentic and personal, which encourages fans to try the product. Cannes is one of the film festivals best known for its gifting opportunities, and everyone is on the look-out for what celebrities will be promoting. And when a celebrity promotes it, everyone sees it.

Not only does gifting allow people to see your product, but it’s a great way to create relationships with celebrities themselves. When celebrities, industry executives, managers and stylists receive your product, your brand is able to develop a relationship with the leaders in styles and trends. Gifting is a win-win situation, while your brand gets photos of your product with celebrities for exposure and promotion, the celebrities get free products, which can foster a great relationship when the celebrity loves your product. When the Cannes Film Festival brings in the biggest celebrities, your brand has the opportunity to build a relationship with the best of them.

But don’t let the prestige of the event scare you, because it’s not as difficult to include your brand as you may think. The cost of getting your product into talents’ hands at Cannes can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 and up (depending on your execution). In just a few days you are able to accomplish what could normally take months of outreach and networking. While it may not be a widespread creative advertising campaign, your brand can place its product in an organic way that is easy and feels genuine to an audience.

If you’re considering celebrity marketing and think Cannes would be the perfect place to market your product, gifting at the Cannes Film Festival may be a great opportunity to get your brand into the hands of celebrities and into the public eye.

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YouNow Could Be the Next Best Thing for Celebrity Marketing

play-145676_1280Four advantages of using YouNow.

Commercials and magazines are not the only way to target millennials. Social networking sites are proving to be a rich resource to reach Gen Y. With YouNow, viewers can broadcast interactive live stream videos. Think a live YouTube.

YouNow’s founder, Adi Sideman, said that the website has about 100 million user sessions a month and 90% of the consumption happens on mobile devices. The topics cover everything from singing to Truth or Dare.

Some companies, such as Huffington Post, have already discovered how to use YouNow to their advantage. Every week Huffington Post has a live videos series called HuffPost Now, which has over 18,000 fans.

  1. Stay relevant- It can be exhausting trying to keep up with the newest technology to reach millennials. Using the relatively new YouNow program will distinguish you from your competition as a trend spotter. This is a huge advantage because millennials want to use brands that are trendy and appeal to them.
  2. Utilize social media stars- Use social media celebs from sites like YouTube that already have a strong following.  Not only are social media stars usually more affordable than other celebrities, but millennial viewers are more likely to watch them. The connection and trust between viewer and correspondent are already established so millennials are more willing to accept the message.
  3. Directly reach your demographic- According to Sideman, 70% of the members of YouNow are under 24, so if you are trying to reach millennials this is the place to do it. You also have the ability to see exactly how many people are watching your video.
  4. Interact with your audience. YouNow allows its members to interact during the videos. You can see how the audience reacts to your product, answer any questions that they might have, and directly address their concerns or compliments. This is a huge advantage because you can know right away if people are not responding well to your message and/or product. It is also great because you can create relationships with your consumers. People want to buy from brands that they can trust.

YouNow is a great way to build trust, credibility, and awareness with your consumers.

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How Much Does a Promoted Tweet Cost?


Use Promoted Tweets to optimize your Twitter marketing campaign.

How do I know what I’m paying for?

The efficiency of the Promoted Tweets method lies in the bidding system.  You choose to bid a given amount that you are willing to pay per engagement, and the bid helps decide where and when the Tweet shows up on users’ timelines. Twitter will only charge you for the engagements that your Tweet generates. For example, organic impressions gained from the Tweet (the post showing up on a Twitter user’s timeline) will not count as engagements.  Depending on your bid, engagement costs range from $0.50-$4.00 per engagement. Engagement costs are assessed only when the Tweet is replied to, retweeted, favorited, or if the link inside the Tweet is accessed.

The budget: You will decide on a daily budget to assist with proper allocation of funds for your campaign and to ensure maximum efficiency.  There is an option for setting a total budget if you need to put a cap on the cost of the total campaign. The owner of the promoted Tweet can even specify how the budget will be spent; spread the budget evenly over the day (Standard), or spend the daily amount as quickly as possible (Accelerated).  The daily budget, total budget and bid amount can be modified at any point from the Campaign Dashboard.

What’s the process?

After you decide on a daily and total budget, you will choose a start and end point for your campaign to ensure your Tweet runs at the optimal time. Promoted Tweets use customizable systems that allow you to target the types of users your brand needs to drive awareness.  The Tweet can be engineered to reach users based on location, gender, keyword targeting, interests, or even their specific device being used to read the Tweet.

Measure the success of the campaign

Twitter’s Campaign Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the engagements your Tweet is generating, the amount of free impressions created, and how the budget is being applied. A useful tool within the Campaign Dashboard, the Tweet Activity Dashboard, allows you to see which Tweets work best with your target audience, and what times of the day or week your Tweet is receiving the most attention.  The Campaign Dashboard also focuses on the analysis of the brand activity by measuring the organic earned media on Twitter, consisting of engagements, clicks, and free impressions that resulted from your Tweet’s engagements.

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How to Use Celebrity Marketing to Help Build Brands

Celebs build brands

With awareness as the first step towards consumer purchase, brands tap into celebrities to accelerate the decision to buy.

Celebrities have significantly increased awareness for new campaigns, product launches, new brand ideas and brand platforms.

A celebrity’s ability to be recognized and recalled brings additional attention to a campaign. They help a brand gain awareness much more quickly than traditional advertising.

Here are five examples of celebrities helping to build high levels of brand awareness quickly:

1.Mazda’s Multi-Celebrity Advertising Campaign

The largest Mazda advertising campaign in 13 years, the “Game Changer” hit all-time highs for awareness within six months using a group of familiar but not highly recognizable celebrities who fit the campaign’s theme.

Uniqueness rather than pure star power drives this campaign to large increases in familiarity, opinion and intention.

2. Jim Beam and Mila Kunis

The Jim Beam brand and American actress, Mila Kunis, have partnered for an intensive, global campaign emphasizing social media.

Yet, Mila Kunis does not personally participate in social media. It would seem risky to use a celebrity who doesn’t have a Twitter account. Just the opposite is true—this campaign has exceeded expectations.

Using a highly recognizable celebrity allowed Jim Beam to bring awareness to their social media platforms and greatly increase consumer traffic to its website.

3. Nikon and Ashton Kutcher

A growing number of celebrities have built their own brands which then in turn can be leveraged to help other brands grow.

Working with a celebrity social media superstar like Ashton Kutcher, the first person to reach one million Twitter followers, brought great awareness for Nikon. No traditional marketing tool comes close to Twitter’s ability to reach a wide audience and emotionally connect.

Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account, @plusk, now boasts over 16 million Twitter followers.

4. Audi and Claire Danes

A short film was created to promote Audi’s return for a third year as the official automotive sponsor of the Television Academy and the Emmy Awards while cleverly tapping into Danes’ character on “Homeland.”

Results were immediate: 3 million plus YouTube views in less than 24 hours.

5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jane Lynch for Healthy Choice

A group of humorous and off beat commercials mirroring Julia’s sitcoms “Seinfield” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine” were created to clearly set the brand apart from competitors.

The concept is her not being sure she wants to endorse Healthy Choice. A series of commercials bring her agent and friend (Jane Lynch) in to create some very funny ads.

Building awareness in a mature product category is challenging when product images are blurred.

Results of the campaign are strong: dollar share grew 9% without discounting while competitors were down 4% in same time period.

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Celebrity Marketing: Social Media Campaigns Beyond Twitter and Facebook


Brand marketers have long relied on celebrity social media campaigns to help engage and grow the brand’s audience via Twitter and Facebook.

As the social media landscape rapidly evolves, brands are finding some successes with some of the newer social channels such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Here are a few suggestions for including them in your celebrity marketing mix:


With over one billion photos uploaded by users around the world, brands have identified Instagram as an effective marketing tool that can be easily shared across all of your social media platforms.

“Instagram photos” have a distinct look that seem to ignite an emotional connection and offer followers a peek into your brand’s personality.

While brands create their own Instagram presence, they take to celebrities to help them grow awareness and engage a larger audience.

Celebrity Campaign Example:

Photo Contest: Have the celebrity “take over” your brand’s Instagram account to host a contest. Assign the contest a hashtag (#) asking people to join by submitting photos within the contest guidelines (theme).

Reward Participants: Offer a discount code to purchase your product for those who participate in your celebrity photo contest or for those who comment and like the celebrity endorsed photos.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then use a picture to tell your brand’s story.

Though still considered an under-utilized and untapped branding forum, marketers have taken note that Pinterest boards are actually story boards and the people creating them are the storytellers.

Brands recognize the value of this social media tool and how it can uniquely showcase the lifestyle of their brand.

  • Pinning relevant and powerful images will keep your audience interested
  • Pinning behind the scene images from around your office and of your team members will humanize your brand with your audience
  • Featuring a celebrity will help expand and engage your audience
  • Pinning a promoted video creates a unique opportunity to drive higher performance.

Celebrity Guest-Board Examples:

Fashion brand: Partner with a stylish celebrity to create a board that will feature him/her offering outfit ideas and ensembles using key pieces from the brand’s collection.

Food Brand: Partner with a celebrity chef who will feature various recipes utilizing the brand’s product as their key ingredient.


With its abundance of story sharing, Snapchat gives each user the power of a social media influencer. Snapchat is a social media platform that allows its users to create a 10 second image or video, which then erases following the recipient’s viewing. When done correctly, these very short clips can go viral and reach a huge audience almost immediately.

Brand marketers have quickly realized what a huge asset Snapchat videos can be to their brand’s celebrity marketing campaigns and are utilizing them to build excitement by creatively teasing the public with a very brief sneak peek of what is to come.

Examples of how Brands are using Snapchat:

Discovery: When using the Discover feature on Snapchat, a brand can enter the flow of a user’s viewing with a brief 3-5 second clip. These Discover channels include People, Vogue, ESPN, all having celebrity news that brands can associate themselves with.

One of Snapchat’s strengths is that it provides a more personal and casual look into the life of a celebrity as well as the partnership with the brand they are connected to.

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How to Hire A Celebrity to Market Your Brand

celebrity marketing

Martha Stewart and the cupcake bloggers

The type of celebrity and the stage of their career can greatly reduce your cost.

Brands don’t have to spend seven figures to successfully use a celebrity.

Informed marketers with limited budgets can afford to hire up and coming or even a well-established celebrity who is eager to work.

Building brand awareness, volume and increased sales can be accomplished with non-traditional celebrities.

Here are four different types of celebrities which cost much less than superstars but still have a big impact:

1. Experts 

Your brand could possibly utilize a home expert if they are a good fit for your target demographic. There are many different types of experts in this category such as moms, designers, party planners, do-it-yourselfers or cooks.

Rachael Ray was an expert chef before her career success and fame gave her celebrity star status.

Fees for a top-level expert can vary from $100,000 to $150,000* per day where as a mid-level or lower level expert would range from $5,000-$40,000* per day.

2. Reality Stars

Shows like The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice created product endorsers from contestants and show hosts such as Bill Rancic and Ivanka Trump.

Fees are similar to the ‘experts’ where there is a sizable cost savings using a reality star celebrity that is in the mid-level to lower-level range.

3. Bloggers 

Social media created a cottage industry of bloggers who influence consumers and add to their following representing brands.

Fees for a sponsored post vary widely from $2,000-40,000.

For a blogger to endorse your brand, fees would be in a similar range as an expert or reality star celebrity.

4. Deceased Celebs 

A deceased celebrity is often overlooked. One of the upsides is no risk of tarnishing a brand by bad behavior in the future.

Fees typically range from $50,000 – $500,000* and vary by the estate’s view of fair market value. You can find great value in this category.

*Fee ranges vary. Exact services, number of days, brand exclusivity, along with supply and demand determine the ultimate fee.

Hiring a celebrity at a certain point in their career is another way to reduce costs further.

1. Up and coming celebrities

An example is hiring either Super Bowl quarterback a year before they play in the big game. It’s not unusual for an endorsement fee to triple once they’ve been crowned a champion.

Hire the celebrity when they first become hot, not when they’ve peaked.

2. Below fair market value celebrity 

Celebrities who want or need to work, set fees lower than fair market value.

Most actors and athletes are not guaranteed the next payday and feel pressure for regular income.

Knowing how long it’s been since their last big paycheck will help estimate fees.

3. High name recognition celebrities 

Celebrities are usually more willing to negotiate later in their career. A large number of celebrities fall into this category and they can be a great way to hire a trusted, recognizable face at an affordable price.

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