Why Brands Should Use Twitch for Influencer Marketing


One of the most promising websites is ripe for brands to seize competitive advantage.

Amazon’s Twitch is a video streaming platform where users can broadcast their gaming to the world. It has been a blossoming site since its launch in 2011, so much so that Amazon spent almost a billion dollars to acquire it in 2014.

With 15 million active daily users and over 2 million unique content creators per month, there is no denying the reach Twitch has as a social network platform. With Twitch’s increasingly popular appeal, brands need to take advantage, especially if they are looking to market to gamers and millennials. It is interactive, uncut, live, and genuine, something that millennials crave from influencers.

In order to help brands connect with these millennials, Amazon launched, Gear, a program in which users who stream through Twitch will be able to feature products they like as a widget on their page and receive a commission from Amazon for sales they refer. Twitch’s Gear is a strong example of how Amazon turns influencers into colleagues and helps with brand recognition amongst millennial consumers.

Beyond Gear, brands can use influencer marketing on Twitch in other ways.

One of the most straightforward ways brands can utilize is to hire a gamer for a sponsored stream. There are plenty of celebrities on Twitch from actors to athletes. Twitch also has plenty of “Twitch famous” gamers with vast and loyal followings.  Gamers love the concept of playing a video game with one of their favorite celebrities. When sponsoring a gamer on Twitch, brands can broaden their audience because they are reaching the gaming community as well as the celebrity’s audience.

Another way to sponsor a stream is to have your brand logo on the stream and in the stream’s title. This option is a great opportunity for product placement in the gamer’s camera throughout the stream.  For example, Jack Link’s sponsored three gamers known to have lively outburst, so it aligned well with their “hangry” campaign. Also, a brand could create a special tag associated with the brand or product that would pop up when certain achievements or frustrating fails occur, such as sponsoring a big play in a game.

Esports are also a unique sponsorship opportunity for brands. Brands can take advantage of the large viewership of this phenomenon by sponsoring these big tournaments.  Twitch hosts these live tournaments on their site where people can watch and play, so brands can get online advertising as well as brand integration and real life advertising at the event.  For example, Totino’s hosted a Call of Duty tournament that averaged 30,000 live viewers and handed out pizza rolls to the fans at the tournament.

With Twitch, there are many opportunities for brands to sponsor celebrities, streams and tournaments in the gaming world. This unique streaming site allows for brands to reach a new audience, specifically gaming millennials. Twitch is also currently working to expand their user demographic, branching out from gaming to include cooking, painting, beauty tutorials and more. This will ultimately provide a variety of opportunities for brands to take advantage of this growing platform and reach millennials in a new and exciting way with influencer marketing.

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Resources for Celebrity Marketing: Part One


The Burns Celebrity Vault is a one-of-a-kind resource that makes the celebrity selection process simpler, easier and more efficient.

When it comes to picking a celebrity for a marketing campaign, the process is not simple. When finding the right celebrity match, a brand must take into consideration things such as cost, celebrity interest, conflicts and many other factors. In order to find the right celebrity, you need a resource that takes all these factors into consideration, and still provides great celebrity options. That’s where the Celebrity Vault comes in. The Celebrity Vault is a state-of-the-art database that has accumulated information on over 25,000 different celebrities from all ends of the spectrum for over 40 years, which makes for a much easier, faster and better celebrity selection process.

The Celebrity Vault contains celebrities from sports, entertainment, music and more. In this case, a “celebrity” is not just the people you always see or immediately think of, but rather anyone who is well-known or has consistently been in the news. This wide definition of a celebrity allows you to find any type of celebrity you could possibly need or want, not just the most obvious ones. Celebrities are then segmented by type such as actors, athletes, age and gender. The exceptional variety of celebrities in the Celebrity Vault means there are plenty of celebrity options for any campaign or budget.

Celebrities are then further categorized by over 700 lifestyle demographics. These demographics can include any type of interesting fact about a celebrity, not just the information you know off-hand. The Celebrity Vault includes the information you would typically ignore, forget or be unaware of, like whether a celebrity collects classic cars, had colon cancer or owns dogs. Whether it is interests, hobbies, charitable ties or health conditions, these lifestyle demographics allow for a much faster and better selection process.

The Celebrity Vault also includes the likely costs of celebrities for TV appearances, speaking engagements and other endorsement opportunities, which allows you to find celebrity options within your budget. No matter your budget, you will likely be able to find a pool of realistic celebrities for your campaign.

The Celebrity Vault is extremely helpful for brand marketers because it can help find a celebrity for even the most narrowly-defined marketing strategies. It makes the process quicker, easier and better for finding the perfect celebrity match for a brand. The wide variety of celebrity options, segmented by over 700 lifestyle demographics, makes sure not to overlook your options when finding the right celebrity.

Travel Bloggers May Be the Next Big Thing for Celebrity Marketing


Travel bloggers offer a unique way for brands to reach new consumers.

A travel blogger’s posts provide authentic content and are a good way for brands to integrate themselves into a trip or lifestyle. This way, a brand can advertise an experience rather than just a product, and it can be done in an entertaining and exciting way that is attractive to an audience.

Travel writing has been around for decades, but with technology and social media, travel bloggers have a unique edge that makes them much more desirable for brands. Bloggers are often proven influencers who have access to fans on social media and know how to tell a strategic story on social platforms. When hiring a familiar travel blogger, a brand is able to get in front of a large audience through a storyteller that the audience trusts, in a way that is easily shared and delivers engagement.

But a travel blogger’s audience isn’t the only thing that is attractive to brands. A travel blogger’s content is also unique, uploading posts and photos consistently and in real-time. This type of bite-sized content provides an experiential element to branded content, that when matched with an authentic celebrity partnership creates a personable and fun experience for consumers. Travel blogging is becoming increasingly more popular, with bloggers covering a wide range of niche markets.

For example, Breanne Manz, creator of Stroller in the City, has a demographic that many brands want to reach: moms who travel with kids. Her 19,000 Twitter followers and 27,000 Instagram fans enjoy seeing photos of her and her kids visiting new places and trying new things, all of which she writes about in her blog.

Clint Johnson, also known as Trip Hackr, travels all around the world while working with brands, tourism boards and even airlines to promote products and run contests to his 50,000 Instagram followers, who enjoy reading about his tips and tricks for interesting travel destinations.

Matthew Kepnes goes by Nomadic Matt on his blog, where he often writes about ways to travel on a budget and all the ways you can save money while experiencing the world.

Louis Cole, known as FunForLouis on YouTube, documents his travels with daily video blogs to his 1.8 million subscribers. His engaging personality and desire for adventure make his videos a unique experience for his audience.

Travel blogging is becoming increasingly popular, especially for brands looking for more immediate, widely-shared storytelling.

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Authenticity in Celebrity Marketing


Authenticity is usually the most important part of content, especially for younger generations.

At a time when most of what we see on social media is idealized, millennials believe advertising is unrealistic.  Because of this, 43% of millennials value authenticity over content. When it comes to advertising, consumers want to hear from the people they trust, and they trust people more than logos. Celebrity marketing is one of the best ways to be authentic – as long as it’s done correctly.

When looking for a celebrity for your marketing campaign, it’s important to find someone who loves your brand. But you don’t necessarily have to go for the most obvious choice. Just because you are a food company doesn’t mean you need to partner with a chef. Sometimes a message coming from an unexpected source is a smart way to be more authentic and create a stronger, more lasting campaign. Plus, you can be sure the celebrity really loves your product if they are willing to venture away from what his/her audience expects.

Just the act of including a celebrity in your campaign doesn’t necessarily create authenticity. When working with a celebrity, it’s important to give up some control and let the celebrity have an opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Your brand doesn’t want to mess with trust and credibility, and neither does the celebrity. It’s almost as important to maintain the celebrity’s brand as it is yours, so it’s best to equip the celebrity with the right information, and let them craft the message using their own words. That way, the message sounds more authentic to the celebrity’s audience because it is coming from someone they trust.

Once you find the perfect celebrity, building a relationship and having honest exchanges is the best way to create a more authentic message. Finding out how your brand fits into the celebrity’s lifestyle and using that information adds more value to the campaign. People think of their favorite celebrities as their friends, and they know the celebrity well enough to recognize when a message is contrived. Having a good relationship with a celebrity and using their genuine opinion is one of the best ways to ensure an authentic message.

Working with a celebrity is a great way to make a marketing campaign feel authentic, because their audience already trusts what they have to say.  When partnering with a celebrity, it’s important to find a balance. Your brand needs to remain the star while the trustworthy celebrity delivers your message, making it stand out from the clutter. By creating a good relationship and collaborating on the campaign, your marketing efforts are much more likely to feel authentic to an audience, especially young ones.

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Celebrity Marketing Shapes Back-to-School Campaigns

photo- school bus

Even though it may not feel like summer, advertisers should be fine-tuning back-to-school marketing strategies.

Influencers are a great thing to consider when trying to appeal to kids and parents. By connecting with leading influencers, brands can almost ensure a successful campaign. Whether you are targeting kids or their parents, there are plenty of ways to collaborate with influencers and shape back-to-school trends.

Kid celebrities are trendsetters, and using celebrity children for endorsements is one of the best ways to get a product to other kids of the same age. Whether it’s North West (daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West), Blue Ivy (daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z), or Prince George (who made a $39 bathrobe sell out in minutes), celebrity kids are style icons. But the influence of kid celebrities is not limited to other kids; parents are drawn to it, too. When looking to purchase items for their kids, parents will often look to the children of their favorite celebrities. Either way, kid celebrities can have a unique influence on back-to-school trends.

Another type of celebrity that is popular with young kids is social media influencers. They are much more relatable to kids than typical celebrities, and are perfect for making back-to-school products and trends more desirable. Kids may not be able to spend $2,000 on a bag Rihanna is carrying, but they will purchase a product their favorite beauty vlogger recommends. Partnering with a social media influencer could be a great way for brands to use someone kids trust.

Just as vloggers are creating content desired by kids, mom bloggers (like Sai De Silva from Scout the City) are creating content that is eagerly followed by parents. They have a lifestyle parents are looking to emulate, and inserting a brand into a mommy blogger’s routine is a great way for parents to see it. Parents are always looking to their favorite bloggers for advice, and if a product has the seal of approval of a mom blogger, it will likely be coveted by parents everywhere for the back-to-school season.

Even though kids are currently focused on summer, brands should already be thinking of their back-to-school marketing strategy. Several months to a year ahead is the best time range to start collaborating with celebrities to reach kids and parents, and help them prepare for a great start to the school year.

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Unique Celebrity Marketing and Gifting Opportunities at Cannes


If you’re looking for the right combination of celebrity and luxury, look no further than Cannes.

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous film festivals in the world, bringing in the most influential celebrities in the film industry and gaining an incredible amount of media exposure. While access for celebrities may be invitation-only, brands have a unique opportunity to be a part of the event and reach a wide audience with little effort. If your brand is looking for a way to start using celebrity marketing, the Cannes Film Festival may be the place, and here’s why.

It gets your brand into the hands of celebrities – and everyone else. At events like the Cannes Film Festival, attendees receive any type of merchandise or service from vacations to luxury goods. When gifting your product at the festival, your brand has the opportunity to be picked up by a celebrity in an environment packed with media. When photos are taken of celebrities with your product, these photos can be used in magazines, online promotions, blogs and social media. This type of product placement feels authentic and personal, which encourages fans to try the product. Cannes is one of the film festivals best known for its gifting opportunities, and everyone is on the look-out for what celebrities will be promoting. And when a celebrity promotes it, everyone sees it.

Not only does gifting allow people to see your product, but it’s a great way to create relationships with celebrities themselves. When celebrities, industry executives, managers and stylists receive your product, your brand is able to develop a relationship with the leaders in styles and trends. Gifting is a win-win situation, while your brand gets photos of your product with celebrities for exposure and promotion, the celebrities get free products, which can foster a great relationship when the celebrity loves your product. When the Cannes Film Festival brings in the biggest celebrities, your brand has the opportunity to build a relationship with the best of them.

But don’t let the prestige of the event scare you, because it’s not as difficult to include your brand as you may think. The cost of getting your product into talents’ hands at Cannes can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 and up (depending on your execution). In just a few days you are able to accomplish what could normally take months of outreach and networking. While it may not be a widespread creative advertising campaign, your brand can place its product in an organic way that is easy and feels genuine to an audience.

If you’re considering celebrity marketing and think Cannes would be the perfect place to market your product, gifting at the Cannes Film Festival may be a great opportunity to get your brand into the hands of celebrities and into the public eye.

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Companies are Using Immersive Experiences to Reach Consumers with Celebrity Marketing


Four advantages of creating immersive experiences for consumers.

When companies create immersive experiences the consumers are absorbed in the experience and the advertisements are interactive. The definition of immersive is “noting or pertaining to digital technology or images that deeply involve one’s senses and may create an altered mental state”.

What would you rather be doing? Watching Maria Sharapova return a serve on a commercial while cooking dinner and cleaning the living room or returning Sharapova’s 100 mph serve in an exhilarating and heated match.

The latter example is part of American Express’s virtual reality game, “You Vs. Sharapova”, created for the US Open. The consumer actually swings a racket to try and return Sharapova’s serve. Sharapova even talks to you by saying phrases such as “good try” and “ breaking a serve is tough”.

Deborah Curtis, American Express vice president of global sponsorships and experience marketing said “For us, virtual reality is sort of the next evolution of what we have been doing, which is put the fan at the center of the experience”. It allows fans to really feel the intensity at the U.S. Open and make them feel like they are actually a part of the game.

1. Engaging – Instead of sitting back and watching a commercial or reading a print advertisement the consumer is actually part of the experience. When they are engaging in the ad their full attention is on it, not typical in traditional advertising.

2. Memorable – If consumers are engaging in the advertisement then they are more likely to remember your brand. Consumers see thousands of advertisements a day so it is very important to not only be able to reach your consumer but to have them remember you.

3. Fun – Immersive experiences are enjoyable for the consumer. If people are enjoying their experience then they are more likely to have positive feelings towards your brand.

4. Creative – Creating immersive experiences gives your company the ability to think of new and exciting ways to reach your consumer.

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